v0ciferation (noun): a loud cry

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I have finally accepted the fact that I’m only good enough for people when they are bored or when no one else wants them.

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erika linder for malibu magazine

erika linder for malibu magazine

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Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

i can’t believe they called this a rant. Kanye West just put my evolution as person in words. i’ve been saying this for years.

in all honestly as much as I like to dump on Kanye I’ll admit that reading this it makes a lot more sense than it sounded on TV.

I’m telling y’all, Kanye is a genius. He knows exactly what he’s doing. 

He’s actually pretty remarkable. He has suffered from acute depression in the past. His story could potentially save lives. 


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Fallen tree in the woods behind the house on Russell Ave:

Kids, I don’t mind
When you balance your sneakers
On my spine, but please
Do not scrape my skin
With your little nails
And think it only moss.
No, I am not alive
But I still feel.

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I push everyone away but in a way I’m doing them a favor

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"Nothing works without her! None of this."
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note to self: “love yourself” does not mean spend $40 on chinese food when you’re broke

who am i kidding yes it does. never listen to me

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—  Sylvia Plath. 1932-1963 (via alaelia)

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